Male Lip Enhancement

We are here to help you smile with confidence

An increasing number of men are considering the use of facial injectables to enhance the appearance of their lips, smile and jawline. Having this type of treatment performed by a dentist:

  • Is a sensible decision, because appropriately skilled dentists are the ideal practitioners to make changes to every aspect of the smile, including the lips, jawline and chin.
  • Offers men a discreet way of receiving cosmetic treatments.

Men may be interested in having subtle changes that enhance their natural features while creating symmetry and sharpening the angles of their lower face. A natural-looking outcome is always our goal.

In our experience, men are mostly interested in the following procedures:

  • Augmentation of thin lips
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Jaw reshaping
  • Improved symmetry of the lips and lower face

Augmentation Of Thin Lips For Men

For male lip enhancement to look good, the practitioner needs to understand the anatomy of the male face. There are differences in enhancing the fullness of a male’s lips compared with doing the same for a woman. Men generally prefer their lips to have a natural-looking fullness that isn’t as soft or shapely as a traditionally feminine lip.

Men also don’t typically want to walk out with “duck lips” (and Dr Dee doesn’t like duck lips either!).

Dr Dee will make subtle changes to the fullness of a man’s lips while also enhancing their symmetry to retain a masculine appearance.

Wrinkle Reduction For Men

Wrinkles can be relaxed using both fillers and wrinkle relaxer injections. Even smoker’s lines, frown lines and other deep lines around the mouth can be smoothed out using cosmetic injectables. Dr Dee always aims to create a natural appearance, avoiding the overly-smooth or frozen look that can occur with overly-zealous treatments.

Jaw Reshaping For Men

A classically masculine jawline tends to be quite angular. A rounded jawline can be made to look more angular with the strategic injection of fillers.

Improved Facial Symmetry For Men

If the lips and other features of a man’s face are asymmetrical, strategic placement of fillers can create a more balanced, symmetrical appearance.

Fillers can also make a male face look less tired, more hydrated and refreshed.

Cosmetic Injectable Treatments For Men At Alma Dental, North Perth

If you or a loved one is considering cosmetic enhancements of a male smile, your first step is to make an appointment to consult with Dr Dee. She will do a full facial assessment and make recommendations about the treatment methods that will provide the best aesthetic outcomes. You’ll receive information about the longevity of the results, the treatment procedure, post-treatment care and all potential complications.

You’ll then be invited to schedule an appointment for male lip enhancement treatment if you wish to proceed.

Please call us on 08 9227 6468 to make an appointment.

Important Information About Our Cosmetic Enhancement Treatments

The use of cosmetic injectables to enhance appearance is considered to be a type of Cosmetic Dental treatment and is, therefore, elective treatment.

Treatment times and longevity of results varies between individuals.

Please note that all invasive cosmetic treatments have inherent potential complications, including redness, bruising, infections and stiffening of tissues. We take measures to minimise these risks and will ensure that you understand the potential for complications before you receive treatment.

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