Heart Lips at Alma Dental, North Perth

Our Principal Dentist Dr Dee’s philosophy has always been to create smiles that look natural. She believes that lip fillers should be used to enhance the shape, volume and softness of the lips. Creating the “duck look” is not something that she’ll ever consider. She feels strongly that her patients shouldn’t leave the practice looking like they’ve “just had their lips done”. Subtle enhancements generally produce the best aesthetic outcome.

So Dr Dee is delighted to have introduced Heart Lips into her practice- a gentle technique for creating beautiful, natural-looking, heart-shaped lips. The procedure is only taught in London, and Dee has completed two levels of training and is now a registered Heart Lips provider.

Dee is currently the only Heart Lips practitioner in Perth.

What Are “Heart Lips”?

The name “Heart Lips” refers to the resulting shape of the lips after treatment. The technique forms each lip into two soft lobes with a midline cleft, which is considered to be a very feminine, youthful shape.

A soft filler is used, which makes the lips feel soft and natural after treatment.

Creating Heart Lips

Your first appointment is a consultation. Dr Dee begins by performing a full-face assessment. She takes into account the shape and proportion of your face and features. She’ll take digital photos, including a relaxed face, a full smile and profile shots. Dr Dee will also assess the position and shape of your teeth.

While Dr Dee always takes into account the patient’s requests and thoughts, she makes recommendations for treatment based on her assessment of what will look best. If Heart Lips don’t suit a person’s face, Dr Dee will explain why and make other suggestions.

If you wish to go ahead with the Heart Lips procedure, you’ll be invited to schedule an appointment.

It’s important to note that any invasive treatment involving penetration of the skin has the potential to experience complications. These will all be explained to you before you agree to your treatment. We take every precaution to mitigate potential risk, including high standard instrument sterilisation and the use of the highest quality fillers.

The Treatment Appointment

Creating Heart Lips requires a different approach to other lip-filler techniques. A fine needle cannula is used, requiring just two entry points for each lip. This approach minimises bruising and reduces the chances of complications.

Treatment begins with the insertion of the fine needle cannula from the corner of the lips. This traces the outline of the lips. The filler, containing a local anaesthetic, is carefully introduced, added in small increments to create the desired shape. The process is gentle and unhurried: Dr Dee takes all the time that is required to give the best result.

You can expect your treatment appointment to take around 60 minutes.

After Treatment

The majority of our patients return to their daily activities following their treatment appointment and experience minimal downtime.

Post-treatment discomfort and bruising can occur, although this is usually minimal due to the fewer entry points needed for this technique. Dr Dee will explain all of the potential post-treatment complications and how to best care for your lips during the recovery phase.

There is more information about post-treatment care on this page Lip Fillers

You can expect your lips to retain their new shape for 12-18 months.

More About Heart Lips

You can learn more about the Heart Lips technique by visiting the official website.

If you’d like to find out whether you are a candidate for this technique, please call the practice on 08 9227 6468