About Alma Dental Surgery

We are here to help you smile with confidence

Never, EVER, A One-Size-Fits-All Approach

When you ask us to take care of your smile and those of your loved ones, we take this responsibility very seriously.

Every patient has had a unique experience of life, so no two mouths are the same.  A one size fits all approach doesn’t apply to dental health. That’s why we customise every treatment to the specific needs of the individual. 

We Nurture And Enhance What Nature Has Already Given You

Smiles are beautiful, healthy smiles especially so. 

Just as a garden needs regular and loving care to thrive and grow, so too must a smile be regularly checked and nurtured. And we never forget that there is always a wonderful, unique and special individual behind every smile. 

And when it comes to making cosmetic changes to the way a person smiles, we love enhancing their natural beauty.

Above All, We Strive To Do No Harm

We value holistic care and prefer to take a minimalistic and preventative approach to dental treatment. 

For example, we do all we can to preserve one of the most precious parts of your body: your enamel. Enamel is a finite resource: once lost, it can never grow back. 

If there is a choice of available treatment options, we prefer to utilise the one that conserves as much natural enamel as possible. Treatments should always deliver the best possible outcome for the individual.

Our History

A beautiful smile says a thousand words

First established Dr Vincent Tsang, Alma Dental has been part of the North Perth community since 1986. Our name is, of course, a reflection of our location, which is the corner of Alma Road and Fitzgerald Street.

Dr Dee-Anna Luong purchased the practice in 2014 when Dr Tsang retired. She has since introduced new technologies, an even broader range of dental and cosmetic services, and a new team of passionate people who share her dedication to helping the people of North Perth and surrounds to enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles.

Dr Kate Alderman joined the practice in 2016.

Dr Dee and Dr Kate have over 35 years combined clinical experience and will take care of your restorative and complex dental needs.  Offering gentle care, with empathy and patience for those who feel anxious.

Lily, our Oral Health Therapist has been with Alma Dental since 2022.  She is also a practicing registered nurse and is gentle and caring.  She has an interest in general dental preventative care, paediatric dentistry as well as each patient’s medical and dental health.

We have been fortunate to retain many of Dr Tsang’s original patients. Dr Dee and Dr Kate have since welcomed many more new patients into our amazing dental family.

To those of you who we are yet to join our dental family, we sincerely look forward to getting to know you.