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Dental First Aid: What Do I Do If I Develop A Toothache?

If you have a toothache, you will most likely want an appointment as soon as possible. Please call us to make an appointment to see one of our friendly dentists. Let Teresa know that you wish to make an emergency appointment.

A number of things can cause toothaches. Sometimes they can be attributed to something as simple as a piece of food caught between your teeth or under your gum line. Make sure this isn’t the case. Pass a piece of floss between the affected teeth to thoroughly clean the area and remove any lodged food.

If your toothache has caused swelling and you are in pain, try taking over the counter pain relief (preferably one that contains an anti-inflammatory agent) to reduce the swelling and discomfort. Please do not apply painkillers directly to the affected tooth, as this could result in burns to your gums.