The Alma Dental team, wearing their stylish black uniforms, sit in front of a window overlooking North Perth

Cosmetic and General Dentistry, North Perth

We Love Creating Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

About Alma Dental

We’re dental professionals, so naturally, we’re keen to help the people in North Perth and the broader Perth community (and beyond!) to enjoy the benefits of optimal dental health. Strong, healthy teeth, gums and jaws influence your general health and well-being. And this is true whether you’re one or one hundred years old, which is why we welcome people of all ages into our practice.

Like you, we value good health, and we vow to help you be as healthy as you can be. But our mission is so much larger than that!

We want to make you smile, and to love the smile that you share with the world!

Our primary focus is to create wholesome, healthy smiles as well as cosmetic, lip enhancements and orthodontic treatments

for adults and children.

We want you to enjoy your visits with us...

... or, if "enjoy" really isn't a word you associate with dental care, at least you're confident that we will always be completely focused on your comfort and safety.

And we want our presence in the North Perth community to make a difference!

... so we're proud to support local individuals, events, and organisations in many ways every year.

North Perth is such a brilliant place to live, work, and play, and we want it to flourish.

We’ve Built A Beautiful, People-Focused Dental Practice In North Perth

With modern technology, comfortable and well-appointed rooms and a convenient location, we have everything needed to deliver high-quality dental care.

You’ll find us in Fitzgerald Street, opposite Coles at North Perth Plaza. Parking is a breeze, and public transport is plentiful.

We keep work and family-friendly hours as well. We're open Monday to Friday, with two extended evenings each week.

The Alma Dental Experience

Three main philosophies influence our practice of dentistry:

  • Focus on treating the person, not just their teeth.
  • Practice minimum intervention by preserving healthy enamel and offering reversible treatments whenever possible
  • Embrace the evolution of dental and healthcare by committing to ongoing professional development for the entire team.

Ready to join our practice? Give us a call, drop us a line, or come in to make an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you to Alma Dental!