Beautiful Lips - Lip Enhancement At Alma Dental

“Every face, every personality, every smile is different. It’s my role to be aware of all of the elements influencing your current smile, and to use my understanding of dentistry, orthodontics, facial anatomy, facial aesthetics, and injectables to create natural-looking, well-defined and beautifully-shaped lips that enhance your gorgeous, healthy smile.”

~ Dr Dee-Anna Luong, Principal Dentist, Alma Dental.

You might think dentistry focuses on the teeth, and that the rest of the smile, the lips and the skin around them, is the territory of makeup artists, beauticians and perhaps cosmetic surgeons.

At Alma Dental, we can take care of your whole smile. After all, dentists are the health professionals who are most familiar with the anatomy and physiology, form and function of the facial region.

Our dentists look at and treat smiles every day, which means they have a great understanding of all of the elements that make a smile both healthy and beautiful.

Why Lip Enhancement?

Enhancements of the lips can provide a beautiful finishing touch following a course of cosmetic or general dental treatment.

Sometimes all that is needed is a subtle improvement: greater definition or a little more fullness or softness.

But if the lips are naturally thin or have lost volume over the years, a more obvious enhancement might be what’s required. We can even smooth out some of the finer lines and wrinkles that can develop around the lips. Marionette, smokers and laughter lines can be softened to make them less noticeable.

And now it can all be completed right here in our North Perth rooms, and sometimes in the same appointment.

How Can Lips Be Enhanced At Alma Dental?

We use a variety of non-permanent, non-surgical techniques to enhance the appearance of a smile, including:

Specific treatments that we provide include:

Why Should You Consider A Dentist For A Lip Enhancement Procedure?

Traditionally, dentists have only focused on the health and aesthetics of the teeth and their supporting tissues inside the mouth (the gums and underlying bone). If patients have wanted cosmetic changes made to their lips and the soft tissues around the mouth, they have had to consult beauticians and cosmetic surgeons.

We are pleased that our practice can now offer lip enhancement treatments as an adjunct to traditional dental procedures.

There are many advantages in having your lip enhancements performed by a dentist:

  • Dentists are the only professionals who can ensure that the foundation of the smile, the teeth, and jaws, are healthy, strong and aesthetically pleasing.
  • During their university training (which is a minimum of five years) dentists study the anatomy of the lips and their relationship to the underlying teeth, bones and other features of the face.
  • Dentists are skilled at delivering injectable materials to the facial region: it’s something they do daily
  • Strict sterilisation procedures are standard in dental practices. These keep patients safe from transmissible diseases.
  • Dentists and their teams have the skills to manage medical emergencies or unplanned outcomes of dental treatments. While these are rare during lip enhancements, any invasive procedures carry the risk of unexpected or adverse outcomes. The person delivering the treatment must have the training and equipment to manage them if they do arise.

Beautiful Lips By Dr Dee-Anna Luong

Beautiful Lips by Alma Dental

Dr Dee-Anna Luong, our highly skilled Principal Dentist, performs all lip enhancement procedures at Alma Dental.

Dr Dee's interest in Facial Aesthetics started early in her career. She discovered that she had an eye and passion for cosmetic dental procedures.

Over recent years she has completed several courses which focus on facial aesthetics and how to use cosmetic injectables to enhance the natural beauty of the lips safely. You can see a full list of these courses below.

When our patients ask us her to enhance their smile, Dr Dee doesn’t ever use a formulaic approach. There is artistry associated with creating or modifying a smile in a way that preserves the personality of the individual and ensures a fresh, natural and healthy look. This outcome is what Dr Dee always strives to achieve.

The Process

Consultation Appointment

When you make your consultation appointment, the first thing we do is to take a thorough medical and dental history. We will then ask about your previous experience with injectables and other cosmetic procedures.

Your Facial Aesthetic Goals

Next, you’ll be invited to tell us what you are hoping to achieve. It is helpful for you to bring in photos showing how you'd like your lips to look.

We don’t ever make assumptions about how your lips should look: we listen carefully to what you want and why.

Sometimes people have goals that aren't realistic or are likely to produce an unnatural looking result. In these instances, we won't go ahead with the procedure without voicing our concerns and recommending an alternative approach.

Your Lips Don’t Smile Alone!

Your lips don’t exist in isolation: the facial muscles, your teeth, and the underlying jawbone all have an impact on your smile. So Dr Dee will examine these during your consultation.

Sometimes the ideal outcome requires a combination of treatments. We will explain the pros and cons of these so that you can make the best decision for your unique situation.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

It’s photo time! Dr Dee will take some high-quality digital photos of your face and lips, both from the front and in profile, at rest and smiling. These will be used by Dr Dee to determine the best approach for your procedure.

All Your Questions Answered

We welcome questions about the procedure and your post-operative care. There’s no such thing as a silly question! It's important to us that you feel confident that the decisions you are making are the right ones for you.

Your Treatment Appointment

Your lip enhancement treatment is usually able to be done during your consultation appointment.

There are two criteria for this:

  • You need to be happy to go ahead. We won’t pressure you into having treatment on the day if you’d prefer to have some time to think about it. In this event, we’d be happy to make you an appointment another day.
  • We will only provide treatment during the consultation appointment if there is sufficient time to do the procedure safely and predictably.

Who Will Provide The Treatment?

This is an important question to ask in any establishment. The person administering cosmetic injections should have a good understanding of facial anatomy and facial aesthetics and be able to manage medical emergencies or unplanned outcomes.

You'll also want to be sure that all injectable material is of the highest quality and meets Australia's high standards. The clinical setting should provide exemplary standards of cleanliness, sterilisation and infection control.

Dr Dee-Anna Luong, our principal dentist, is the practitioner who administers all lip enhancement procedures in our practice.

Dee received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Western Australia in 1997. Additionally, Dee has attended several short courses in Facial Aesthetics, including:

  • Heart Lips Accreditation Course - November 2017 - Dr Bob Khanna
  • Dermal Fillers Level 2 - Lip Masterclass - November 2017 - Dr Bob Khanna
  • Dermal Fillers Level 3, Part 2 - November 2017 - Dr Bob Khanna
  • Botulinum Toxin Level 3 - Oral Facial - November 2017 - Dr Bob Khanna
  • Dermal Filler Level 2 – Lip Masterclass Hands-on Training Course - July 2017 - Dr Bob Khanna
  • Cadaveric Anatomy Dissection for Facial Anaesthetics - October 2016 - AADFA
  • Introduction to Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers - May 2015 - Dr Kate Morlet-Brown
  • Module 2 “Fill”  Fundamental Dento-Facial Dermal Filler (Training for Dentists) - July 2013 - AADFA
  • Module 1 “Freeze” Fundamental Dento-Facial Botulinum Toxin (Training for Dentists) - July 2013 - AADFA

She has been treating lips within the practice since 2014.

Injectible materials used in our practice meet Therapeutic Goods Administration standards. We also meet all state and federal requirements of instrument quality and sterility. We welcome your questions about the measures we take to keep you safe.

Book Your Lip Enhancement Consultation Appointment

To make an appointment with Dr Dee, please call our practice number during business hours.

If you have questions, we are happy to answer those of a general nature over the phone. If you have questions relating to your treatment, these will be answered by Dr Dee during your appointment.