Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is required when the dental pulp, the tissue inside a tooth where the nerve and blood supply is, becomes damaged or infected. This type of damage is often caused by untreated tooth decay or trauma and common symptoms include toothache or the presence of a dental abscess.

Root canal treatments involve the removal of the dead or infected tissues and the cleaning of the root canals, which are connected to the pulp and extend to the roots of a tooth. Root canal treatments are performed over a number of appointments and are mostly treated in-house by one of our friendly dentists. However, in complex cases, it is common for you to be referred to a specialist, called an Endodontist.

Following a root canal, it is common for the tooth to require a dental crown to provide structural support, to restore it to full function.

For more information, or if you are experiencing pain or have a dental abscess, please call us to book an appointment. One of our friendly dentists would be happy to examine you and inform you of your required treatment, the stages of this procedure and the cost.

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