What is Tooth Whitening?

Mar 13, 2020

At Alma there are many options for improving the appearance of your pearly whites. The most popular and simple option is in chair tooth whitening. In chair tooth whitening takes approximately 30mins and you will leave the surgery with whiter brighter teeth. You also get the bonus of a custom-made take-home tray and tooth whitening solution to continue the tooth whitening process at home, or do “top up” tooth whitening before functions or events.

You can also do tooth whitening solely at home. We simply take 2 moulds of your teeth and make custom-made take-home tooth whitening trays for you to use in the comfort of your own home (or driving, or grocery shopping). You will leave with a Pola Day tooth whitening kit and instructions with everything you need for your tooth whitening.

Both options will achieve a similar level of tooth whitening result, however, the in-chair option will give you a kick start boost to your tooth whitening journey.

There are some limitations to tooth whitening. Crowns and fillings will not change colour with conventional tooth whitening procedures. Tooth whitening is also best done immediately after having your teeth professionally cleaned. However, our friendly dentists are here to offer advice, call today to make an appointment for your tooth whitening consultation.

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